The goal is that the church in Granada will be unified.  We believe that God is pleased when we are unified as one, he is glorified and that the Holy Spirit is active and present when we come together as a body of Christ.  Humility, love, and forgiveness are key for Unity which is hard for the people.  As a way to create an environment for forgiveness and growth to happen, we do service projects, hold conferences, play sports, and worship together in services.

Our congregations worship together once a month.  This started out of the desire to teach the average Christian that the church is far bigger than their individual building and denomination, but we are one body of Christ.  Rather than just teaching unity, we live in unity so that we can live by example as a body of Christ.

Most initiatives to drive unity have been focused on a collective program or activity. This initiative focuses on the relationship between pastors.  Our United Church is succeeding because we are focusing first and foremost on the relationships and friendships with the pastors rather than a commitment to a common activity. Once friendships are formed out of the relationships, activities naturally happen.

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