Short Term Trips

We love to have short term teams come and experience Nicaragua with us. Small grouops, big groups, and everything in between, ALL are welcome!


Experience Nicaragua first hand as you work shoulder to shoulder with the local community. Working on the farm, prayer walking, sharing a devotional, building projects, and joining in on sporting events. These are all ways you get to experience life with the people here in Nicaragua.


Learn how to use the gifts God has given you to further His kingdom. You will get to learn how to love people without an agenda, live in community, and gain a bigger perspective of the world around you.


In a short-term mission trip at REAP Granada, teams grow together and grow in relationship with God. Growth in knowledge of culture, community, and care for one another sends teams back home with a new meaning of friendship. We invite the Lord to shape teams experience to better equip them for ministry in the future.

Ready to join us for a week?

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