We are incredibly grateful to be able to partner with the following organizations.


Young life is a student led ministry seeking to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ.
We seek to develop, train, and empower Young Life's leadership. We partner with young life through sports camps, training conferences, and various youth resources. In addition we frequently provide youth work scholarships.
By making our facilities available to this ministry we bring lift to an already thriving youth outreach in the community.

Adventures In Missions

REAP Granada is the Adventures mission base for Nicaragua. As such, we coordinate all AIM mission trips in the country. We strategically place them with trusted long-term ministry partners. In addition, we directly partner with the World Race, an eleven-month discipleship journey. We host teams for a month and integrate them into our ministry. Trip participants connect with pastors and local workers, learning from them various methods of long term ministry.


We partner with FCA by utilizing their vast network of athletes to assist us in coordinating resource intensive sports clinics and sports camps. Through these sports activities we are able to engage the local community through evangelism and discipleship.

Filters of Hope

FOH is a ministry that provides practical help to rural communities through clean water. They use this service as a doorway to share the living water of Jesus. FOH helps us to strengthen and encourage our network of local pastors. We don't always have the resources we need to assist them fully in evangelizing their communities. By partnering with FOH we are able to help our local pastors to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rotary Club

We have a growing partnership with the Rotary Club. They connect business professionals to support lasting change in communities. The Rotary Club helped us get water at Campo de Cosecha. They have partnered with us in sports camps and outreach in the local community. We are constantly exploring new opportunities in the area of health and education. In the future, this partnership will help us continue to reach at-risk youth and their families in our community.

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