The Dump

Deuteronomy 15:11

“There will always be poor in the land.  Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.”

What is the Dump?

The dump is not only a place of disposal and waste.  It is a place of work and an opportunity of income for many men, women, and children.  The dump is a place where people work endless hours going through every piece of trash to find anything recyclable to earn some money off of.  The people who work here are the 3rdgroup to go through the trash so it is pretty well picked through by time they get their hands on it.  Living off of about $1 a day, these are some of the hardest working people.  Many have been there for years working to support their families as best as they can.

How we work at the Dump?

Through one of our local missionaries, we have created relationships with many of the people who work at the dump. We have the opportunity 3 times a week to bring a meal and share in community with them. During this time, we do a devotional time, serve them, and spend time getting to know them and their families.   

Why we work at the Dump?

The dump can very quickly become a place of doubt and could easily swallow people in their hard times.  The people there work tirelessly 6 days a week in the sun, many have been here for years. Having the opportunity to take care of our brothers and sisters by bringing a meal and some of Christ’s love to them weekly is a call we could never pass up.


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