While building relationships, just for the sake of relationships is noteworthy, our focus is to use those relationships to follow Matt 28:19 and make disciples.


When the Lord called Scott and Jenn to Nicaragua it was to use their unique gifts of building strong, meaningful, loving relationships to share with the people of Granada Nicaragua and restore the hope that exists in Jesus Christ. With an unemployment rate estimated to be over 60% in the areas they serve, hope is in great need. Creating a strong biblical foundation that teaches the hope in Jesus is of paramount importance to REAP Granada’s mission. It’s what that “R” in REAP stands for: Restore!




Once a week we hold a class specifically for couples to learn how to have a healthy marriage. We work with both parties and have seen many relationships restored. There have also been countless hours of home visits and group counseling. We hold marriage conferences in order to bring specific teaching and counseling. Many of these homes do not have an example of what a Godly marriage looks like. That is changing with this generation.



Every Friday we meet with around twelve men for a deeper leadership study. Each one of these guys is involved in some form of ministry and this is where they come to be refreshed and to build each other up. Over time these men have developed confidence in each other. They go out to do ministry together and pray for each other’s problems.



We have a women’s discipleship study at the Esposito’s house and another in Pantanal, but women’s ministry is much more inclusive. These same women go with us on outreach to the hospital and the jail. Many of them are the relatives of those in the men’s studies. The whole family is being reached and these women are growing in their faith as they live it out in their homes and their community. They are creating a strong family of women who pray for each other and bear each other’s burdens. The goal is for women to be empowered to lead their own ministry. Each week, the women take turns facilitating the study so they will be equipped to lead their own study in the future, as many are already planning.



Our method of teaching is not just to educate people with head knowledge, but to help see them live it out. We study the Bible in homes and the go live it out throughout the week. Many of these same people go with us to the hospital or the jail, or sign up to help with sports ministry or a marriage conference. Our goal is to see Nicaraguans become active in their faith through a personal relationship with Jesus. We study together, play together, cry together, and serve together.



The Bible says to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison (Hebrews 13:3) Each week we have the privilege to visit our brothers and sisters in the local jail. For many, the time spent in prison is one of personal revival and life change. Regardless of their reason for being in prison, the solitude and difficulty of being incarcerated moves them to turn their hearts to the Lord for help. God is using this as a bible school. 10-25 local Nicaraguans join us in ministering to those in jail. They form relationships with prisoners and help them transition when they are set free.



Our mission is to establish and grow relationships while discipling and demonstrating the love of God by living in community and modeling lives dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.