Community Center

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.


Located in a neighborhood in Pantanal that was once know as the most dangerous area around, the community center has brought a sense of security to people living here.  The neighborhood was once full of drugs and violence right where the center now stands.  The community center is now not only a safe place for people to come and hang out but also a daily reminder to those in Pantanal that they are loved and cared for. 


The community center is a safe place of worship, studies, games, and community.  We have weekly bible studies here, worship nights, and services.  Once a week the YoungLife group meets at the center and is able to reach not only the young adults in this community but many surrounding areas. We host movie nights for the kids and have a wide variety of games from ping pong to checkers.  In the future, we hope to bring in even more games and to have the ability to be open every night as a place for people to come and hang out.  We hope to have more bible studies, English classes, and other technical classes for the locals as well.  


We use the community center because it has given us a place as a ministry to meet people right where they are.  We are able to foster relationships with more people away from the main camp.  It provides a safe place to play, worship, and study together in community.  It encourages people to get off the streets and seek hope for something more in life.  We use the community center to instill hope and encourage personal and relational growth amongst the local communities. 

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