Campo de Cosecha is a place where we want people to encounter God.

Through sports ministries, youth conferences, pastoral training, and encounter weekends, the land will be used to engage with the local community and help them engage with God. One of the primary benefits of the land is to have a place to live close with the community.

So much of our ministry revolves around living alongside of the friends we work with. We plan to also build a team home where we can hosts the many churches that visit us from the states. Our first focus is to live where we are working.




The conference center is another focus. We want to build out the resources for event driven ministry. To provide the local community with resources like parenting conferences, marital teaching, and family festivals. This center will become a valuable resource for local pastors and for the entire local body of Christ.


Currently there is a great need. For example, a marriage conference usually costs 25 a person because they are held at hotels. This is two weeks wage in Nicaragua which keeps a lot of people from being able to come.



Finally, the many acres devoted to farming are aimed at creating a sustainable ministry model. Not only will the crops help provide jobs for locals and pay for current ministry expenses, the work environment of Campo De Cosecha is Christ-centered. As men come to work, they will learn how to be patient with each other, to pray for each other, and to study the word together.

The focus is twofold, to engage with the local community, and help engage them with their creator.


Our mission is to establish and grow relationships while discipling and demonstrating the love of God by living in community and modeling lives dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.